Centro Cellar Studio is a place that was literally built by and for musicians. What started out as a forgotten shed behind 15 Austin Avenue slowly evolved into an accomplished and respectable studio. Musicians drove all the nails, raised the walls, built the acoustical elements. The aesthetics of the building are raw, handmade, do-it-yourself, and genuine. The acoustics are adapted and engineered to give every style of band the sound they’re after.

Wil Reeves, owner of Centro Cellar, has been playing music, recording music, and tinkering with instruments and equipment for years. The beginnings of Centro Cellar Studio came as a musician needing a grass roots way to put out an album. In 2002, navigating through college on his way to an engineering degree and playing in local bands, he gathered the modicum of equipment needed to record music and turned his engineering leanings to learning everything he could about the recording process. This happened in the cellar at his house, at that time located on El Centro Street.

Wil now plays in at least four bands and rotates through a handful of instruments. The recording studio has grown from the modest cellar beginnings to a dominant part of his life. He dedicates his time, his passion, his life, to making every album that comes through the studio sound it’s absolute finest. The building itself has swelled and expanded. An adjoining control room was added. Instruments and recording equipment accrete throughout the space. Wil has refined his ability to mix and master a song. But the feeling when you walk into Centro Cellar is still casual, relaxed. Comfortable for a band just starting out to feel at home, and familiar for those recording for years. When you come to Centro Cellar you will have complete control over your project. The sound becomes your sound, the fruition of what you are pursuing through music. Wil approaches the project as a collaborator, not a producer. The rates are kept low–lower than anywhere in town–to prevent the experience of creating an album from being cost prohibitive. Every band has their own needs, their own abilities, and their own budget. Wil is able to work with each situation. If you want to be a part of the recording process, he welcomes that. Some bands will record their own music and just send the tracks in for final mixing. Some bands rent out the entire studio for days at a time. Some have never recorded before and need help with things like tuning their drums.  Others walk in ready to lay down the tracks for a full album. Wil works closely with every situation, and does it fast, efficiently, without wasting any of their valuable time. But most importantly, Centro Cellar is a place where bands come to relax and have fun doing what they love. When you walk through the doors you are immediately part of a growing community of musicians, collaborators, and friends, in a place where you can be comfortable working on your own musical project.

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